Bending Branches

Better Ways To Propel Paddlers – In 1982, whitewater and touring canoeist Dale Kicker and flat-water racer Ron Hultman teamed up to create the first composite tipped canoe paddle. This unique innovation revolutionized the paddle industry and gave birth to Bending Branches.

Bending Branches continues to remain a small, privately held company in Northwestern Wisconsin made of paddling enthusiasts. They were paddling in 1982 and still do today. Because of this, they build better products. Delivery, quality, and service remain the driving force in everything Bending Branches does!

Since then, paddles from this company have propelled more than a million paddlers to places and experiences that are something to write home about.

And this spirit of pushing forward continues to drive the them  today. Bending Branches is committed to bringing new features to the water that enhance your paddling experience!

Introducing the Navigator paddle from Bending Branches!

Bending Branches’ Navigator kayak paddle delivers beauty, light weight and durability.  Its balanced blades, made of black willow wood, provide unique flex and a smooth pull through the water.

A high-tech T-700 carbon shaft makes it both durable and lightweight, reducing fatigue, while a precise, snap-button ferrule makes it easy to adjust or breakdown your paddle.

Bending Branches’ proprietary Rockgard® material protects the blades’ leading edge, and each blade is reinforced with fiberglass to provide strength and durability uncommon in most lightweight paddles.

Each Navigator paddle has the unmatched fit and finish you expect from Bending Branches.  Put it all together and you have a paddle that is easy on the hands, easy on the body, easy on the eyes!

With the new Navigator paddle, you’ll find that beauty truly is in the hands of the beholder.

Ask your favorite paddle retailer about what makes the Navigator Paddle so special, or visit Bending Branches for more information.

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