Delta 15.5 Kayak Review

On March 15, 2012, in Kayaks, by Jack Ingram
Delta 15.5 Expedition Kayak Review

Delta 15.5 Expedition Kayak

We originally became acquainted with Delta while researching big/little kayaks for our Yukon River Expedition. Most kayaks are one trick ponies. All manufacturers of course sell their products as versatile, well-rounded offerings, but the truth is that most fall into specific niches where they excel. Like life, kayak choice is most often about compromise. For our expedition we were looking for three things:

  • Durability – how would it hold up to the rigors of a river at very high water levels over the course of two weeks where it would exposed to countless gravel landings, potential impacts with submerged objects, and potentially encounters with wildlife if a curious grizzly decided he wanted to use our kayak as a play toy.
  • Gear Capacity – could it fit all of our gear inside of the kayak to keep our center of gravity low while paddling through some potentially very rough and fast water including some Class III rapids in addition to supporting us for up to 16 days. This expedition would be full self-sufficient and there would be no mothership or canoes backing us up.
  • Speed & Handling – could it get up to speed quickly, yet not have so much waterline that it sacrificed maneuverability in fast, unpredictable water. Did it have great primary and secondary stability characteristics without feeling like paddling a barge.

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Prijon Kodiak Kayak Review

On January 25, 2011, in Kayaks, by Jack Ingram

I recently had the chance to load up and paddle a new Prijon Kodiak for an week long camping trip down the lower Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. Read on to find out what worked and didn’t work as we explored the backwater sloughs of this great river!

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Oceak Kayak Trident 13 Review

On February 25, 2011, in Kayaks, by Jack Ingram



Fiberglass, paddle floats, navigation maps, self-rescue…you’d like to enjoy the water in a kayak, but perhaps you aren’t feeling ready for the investment of time and money it takes to get into the sport. There are lots of alternatives out there for new and recreational paddlers, one of which is a sit-on-top kayak.

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