Copyright, Fair Use, and Link Policies


Copyright, Fair Use, and Link Policies


  1. POLICY: Assignation of Rights by AdventureKayaking.Org
  2. Use of AdventureKayaking.Org Material
  3. Copyright and Fair Use Discussion


POLICY: Assignation of Rights by AdventureKayaking.Org Members

All reports and materials uploaded to the AdventureKayaking.Org site become the sole property of AdventureKayaking.Org, with sole exception of photographs; which exception is detailed herein.

1. By uploading reports and materials to AdventureKayaking.Org, you agree to this automatic assignation and transfer of all rights, including sole publishing rights.

  • Reports published on AdventureKayaking.Org may not be published in any other form in any other location.

2. Photographs and other images uploaded to the AdventureKayaking.Org site remain the property of the creator.

  • By uploading photographs and other images, you grant AdventureKayaking.Org an unlimited, non-exclusive license to use, copy, display, publish, and broadcast the photographs and images, and you guarantee that you have         the power to grant such license.

Use of AdventureKayaking.Org Material

You may freely link to any AdventureKayaking.Org page or report without specific permission.

1. Fair Use

  • Short quotes of a few sentences are acceptable, attributed to AdventureKayaking.Org and the report writer.
  • If the quote is used on any web page, a working, clickable link should be provided to the specific report quoted.
  • If the quote is used in any non-web based media, such as a paper catalog or magazine article, the AdventureKayaking.Org home page address should be provided thus:  www.AdventureKayaking.Org .

2. Instead of extended quotation, we request a link to either the manufacturer’s page, a folder containing a series of reports on an item, or a specific tester’s report.

3. Any use of AdventureKayaking.Org material outside these limits needs to be approved in writing by the publisher of AdventureKayaking.Org, Jack Ingram or by an individual he assigns to approve such use of AdventureKayaking.Org copyright material.

4. No derivative work may be created from any materials on the AdventureKayaking.Org site without the express approval of Jack Ingram.

5. Any use of photographs contained in reports for any purpose not inclusive on the AdventureKayaking.Org site requires the permission of the photographer, who should be contacted directly.

Copyright And Fair Use Discussion

We aren’t trying to amass intellectual wealth. In order to simplify our process, the rules are quite simple. Material uploaded to AdventureKayaking.Org is copyrighted and the sole property of AdventureKayaking.Org. By uploading your report to AdventureKayaking.Org, you agree to this automatic transfer of all rights.

This isn’t to say that you can’t create a page on your own website that elaborates on your owner review in a way that you see fit. It isn’t generally encouraged, and a link to the original report is still a good idea. The area of intellectual property is very complex, and we really don’t want to try to describe what we do in legalistic terms. We’re all here to have fun.  From what I understand as a writer myself, my work remains my intellectual property, but I assign those rights to AdventureKayaking.Org. I can still use the contents of the report and the pictures I use on my website, and I can modify the report on AdventureKayaking.Org at any time, so long as those changes are approved.

What the rules are designed to prevent is also very simple. You cannot post the report to another review site, or sell that review to a gear magazine or another gear website.

Actual test reports, where gear is provided by AdventureKayaking.Org, is a little more onerous. In that case, all reports and their content belongs to AdventureKayaking.Org. You should not post them to your website, but provide a link instead. Link volume is important to what we do, both in showing manufacturers our value and in driving the search engines.

This is a simple protection that keeps someone from saying, “I don’t want to play anymore.”, and deleting all of their reports.

All of these rules are designed to keep AdventureKayaking.Org moving forward, continuing to grow, and to be the best online kayak expedition and adventure resource for everyone.

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