ExOfficio’s Story – In 1987, Rick Hemmerling and Joe Boldan attended a fishing trade show. They talked to fly-fishermen who wouldn’t blink at dropping $1,000 for a rod and reel. These guys would pay $3,000 just to get to Christmas Island. Yet there wasn’t a shirt made to fit their needs. So Rick and Joe listened to what they wanted in a shirt. Before long, they introduced the Baja. The rest is history.

1987 — Fly-Fishermen wanted a ventilated shirt with lots of pockets that would look good enough to go into a restaurant. Our Baja was the first “climate control” shirt, but today we offer several styles of ventilated shirts.

1991 — All the guides wore our shirts, but they didn’t have pants that worked. That’s why we created the Amphi. We developed our own Nycott® fabric to make the first comfortable 100% nylon pant. Most thought we were crazy. We were also the first to build a brief into a non-elastic waist pant.

1991 — Travelers need safe places to carry valuables. So we started incorporating our hidden security-zip pockets into many pieces as early as 1991.

1993 — We were the first major company to introduce high performance convertible clothing.

1994 — Sun protection was becoming a big deal. So we developed UV protection into a new shirt, the Air Strip™. It had a unique venting system and was the first synthetic shirt that was as comfortable as cotton but wicked sweat so it didn’t get clammy. We also introduced a 3-position sun collar to protect your neck, jaw and hairline from exposure.

1997 — People were taking our clothes on extended trips and ending up wearing our shirt day after day. So we invented our indestructible button system to survive this demanding use.

2000 — We introduced odor-resistant Give-N-Go™ Stretch performance underwear made of superfine mesh. Seasoned travelers save room by packing just one or two pairs of our underwear. They wash one at night and wear the other.

2003 — We were the first company to introduce Insect Shield™ insect repellent clothing to the country. Our Bugsaway™ collection combines our innovative sun protection and insect repellent treatments resulting in the ultimate in outdoor protection.

2004 — We began offering comprehensive woven clothing collection made from dri-release®.

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